Data Driven Art: Painting the Cosmos

What makes a painting different from a photograph? This new series explores a human interpretation of cosmic images. Using astro-imaging software, I’m able to manipulate cosmic data to inspire my painted interpretations. This series represents actual data of the cosmos, and it also illustrates how coding software can be used to inspire Art.        

A series of eight paintings will be shown in tandem with the raw cosmic data alongside each painting. I paint on canvas with acrylic paint, inks, powdered pigments and multiple layers of resin. By layering resin and paint, more dimensionality can be achieved on the canvases.

Here is my first completed painting for this series, Messier 15. Also shown is its corresponding photograph. Messier 15 is one of the oldest known star clusters, as depicted with a warm palette. A detail shows the depth achieved with layers of resin.