Art Meets Movement

Kristen Pobatschnig brings her painting "Messier 15" to life in her choreography to Panda Bear's "Ponytail". With dancers Danielle Pearson and Miho Ogawa of Tahoe Dance School.

Upper Saco Valley: Art Celebrates Place

I was thrilled to have been selected for Art Celebrates Place: an annual exhibition for the Upper Saco Valley Land Trust. The 10th annual Art Celebrates Place opening was on Friday, April 5th at Fryeburg Academy's Pace Galleries. This year's theme was the Pine Hill Community Forest and the Dr. Michael Cline Memorial Forest.

I chose to complete a series of three 20x20” paintings on birch panels, titled “Sounds of Nature”. For this series I focused on Summer, Autumn and Winter. The Sounds of Nature series was painted in a style that combines abstraction with impressionism. I grew up along the Saco River and have spent a great deal of time there in all seasons; the sights and sounds are always fresh in my mind. Painting this in an impressionist style was most appropriate because it was painted from memory. Inspired by the landscape of Pine Hill Community Forest.


Residency at Moosehead Lake

This past week I spent on Moosehead Lake in Greenville at the Moosehead Artisan Village. It was a transformative week; connecting to others, the area, and myself made for some great creating. Absolutely nothing beats being in Nature. I primarily worked on three 48x48" canvases titled Don't Look Down, inspired by following the trail of cosmic breadcrumbs to lead you to your best and highest self. I may still work on these three, but I plan on bringing them to Miami Art Week this December! Greenville will always have a special place in my heart.

Data Driven Art: Painting the Cosmos

What makes a painting different from a photograph? This new series explores a human interpretation of cosmic images. Using astro-imaging software, I’m able to manipulate cosmic data to inspire my painted interpretations. This series represents actual data of the cosmos, and it also illustrates how coding software can be used to inspire Art.        

A series of eight paintings will be shown in tandem with the raw cosmic data alongside each painting. I paint on canvas with acrylic paint, inks, powdered pigments and multiple layers of resin. By layering resin and paint, more dimensionality can be achieved on the canvases.

Here is my first completed painting for this series, Messier 15. Also shown is its corresponding photograph. Messier 15 is one of the oldest known star clusters, as depicted with a warm palette. A detail shows the depth achieved with layers of resin.



Parallax Art Fair, Kensington Hall, London, UK

This weekend I participated in the Parallax Art fair in London. It was my first experience participating in this show, and my first time being in London. I purchased a musicians traveling case and brought 11 pieces to the show. It had a projected turnout of 10-16,000 visitors, and around 300 participating artists. Among the artists was a one-woman show by Setsuko Ono.

Local Media were there making their rounds interviewed artists. The venue was packed from the start! I shared a booth with a Swedish painter who also worked in abstract acrylics. It was a tight squeeze with the amount of foot traffic, but I'm happy that so many people were able to stop, look, and ask questions. The art fair was a great excuse to cross the pond, and I would like to return again later in 2018. Pictured below include artists Brian Kelvin (digital art), Sue Haskel (Mixed Media & Collage), Jen Morrow (watercolor) and others.

Silk Painting My Way Overseas

I've recently embarked on a line of original, hand-painted silk scarves. I love painting on silk - I find the unpredictable fluidity incredibly relaxing. I decided to start a fundraising campaign for my trip to London, UK. In London I was invited to participate in the Parallax Art Fair, held at Kensington Town Hall February 3-4, 2018. The sales of these scarves will directly support my journey overseas. They add color and original style to any wardrobe. They are available for sale here in my Clothing section, and range from $40-79 with shipping included. 

Mural Installation Finished!

"Waterfall in the Woods" is now up for viewing at Settlers Green Streetside. The three-part abstract mural is inspired by the Sabbaday Falls, Arethusa Falls and Champney Falls, all found in the White Mountain National Forest. “Waterfall in the Woods” is an installation of three abstract painted plexiglass panels, each measuring 8’x3’, to create a triptych mural. The piece is an abstract representation, utilizing bright, iridescent paint and powdered pigments. Each panel explores a different view and element of the falls on plexiglass, offering a glimpse for outlet shoppers into the beauty of the White Mountains surrounding the region. “My goal as the artist is to bring people closer to nature, and to encourage an appreciation for our natural environment,” explained Kristen.

Parallel Constellations - Opening at WREN Gallery

Join visual artists Kristen Pobatschnig of Conway, NH and Brooke Hammerle of Providence, RI in their opening reception "Parallel Constellations". The reception will be on Friday, February 3rd at the WREN Gallery in Bethlehem, NH. The reception will be from 5pm-7pm. Refreshments will be served. The show will run through February 27th. For more details, visit the Gallery at Wren's event here

Art Along the Trails

This February 11th in Jackson New Hampshire, abstract painters Rebecca Klementovich and Kristen Pobatschnig will bring a one-day painting exhibit to the Nordic trails of the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation. These two artists are redefining art shows and re-thinking traditional gallery spaces by incorporating the outdoors with their paintings. Instead of a white-walled gallery, artwork will be placed amongst the white snow, hemlocks and birches. Each viewer will ski or snowshoe to see each painting. It will be an experience to remember that combines art with nature.

The Mount Washington Valley of northern New Hampshire is not traditionally associated with avant garde abstract work. Klementovich and Pobatsching are changing that. They are a painting duo who present themselves and their art under the moniker of The Femme Fatales of the North. One of their goals is to bring more attention to female painters, especially those who are doing abstract work.

The artists are developing a new language by using radical color palettes to represent local places, landmarks and weather in New England. Many of the canvasses are abstract non-representational, ranging in size with high contrast colors to express abstract landscapes in the area. This new visual language will be in conversation with nature.        

The art scene in Jackson, New Hampshire is emerging as a small gem with four galleries and one museum. With approximately nine hundred residents, the village of Jackson is also home to internationally known cross country skiing facility, Jackson Ski Touring Foundation. The Jackson waterfalls, the red covered bridge, the Great Gatsby-esque Wentworth Inn, and the Nordic skiing center are genuine manifestations of the New England spirit. The Femme Fatales are adding a new element to this New England authenticity, abstract art, to be experienced in a radically different setting. Trail passes are required to ski the trails, or a $5 donation is required to walk through the show only. To learn more go to