Seeing Space

This series explores elements of suspension, space and color. I visualize the Cosmos by taking into account our human eyes. What colors and frequencies exist in outer space (or even here on Earth), which our eyes cannot see? Considering different aspects of outer space continues to lead me to new possibilities to explore. 

Static Electricity 36"x48"

Original painting by Kristen Pobatschnig. Inspired by electricity, movement, suspension, end energy.

Original painting measures 36"x48", with a white edge wooden frame.

Alchemy 36"x24"

Combining layers of pointillism and abstract expressionism, Alchemy is meant to capture a fragment of energy while uplifting the viewer with it's warm palette.

2" painted edges. Wire backing provided  and no framing is required. Includes Shipping.

A Dance with Time and Space 36"x24"

Original painting by Kristen Pobatschnig: A Dance with Time and Space explores the way one moves through life; a dance with time, expressive and organic. An uplifting palette with fleeting color and movement.

Original painting measures 36"x24" with painted 2" stretcher bars is varnished, and ready to hang with wire backing.

Cosmic DNA 16"x16"

Cosmic DNA represents the cosmos as a reflection of our own biology. Colored dots represent the different elements that are both a part of our make up as well as the makeup of a star, nebula, or galaxy. 

Acrylic on canvas with wire backing. 2" painted edges, varnished and ready to hang. Shipping included. Arrives with certificate of authenticity.

In the Garden 36"x48"

"In the Garden" was inspired by the spring blooms of Rhododendron flowers. Stylistically this piece was inspired by female abstract expressionist painters.

This painting on canvas measures 36"x48" with 2" painted edges. Wired and ready to hang. Includes Shipping. 

*August 2017: "In the Garden" receives Honorable Mention at Art in the Park 2017

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The Lake at Dusk 24x36"

Painted on location from Incline Village, NV., capturing the movement and mystery of Lake Tahoe. Painted on canvas with Acrylics, measuring 24x36” with 2” painted edges. Ready to hang with wire backing.

In Bloom 48"x36"

"In Bloom" Original Painting by Kristen Pobatschnig, 2017. Acrylic on Canvas, this piece measures 48"x36" with painted 2" edges.

Mirroring the cosmos, reef life, and a blossoming flower, In Bloom is a signature piece of my Cosmic Water series, inspired by the wonders of the Natural World.

"First Snowfall/Casting Wishes" 18x18"

"First Snowfall/Casting Wishes" 18x18” acrylic on canvas. Protected with matte varnish, ready to hang with wire backing. Includes shipping.

The Light That Can Be Heard

In Sami language, the Northern Lights are called “Guovssahas”, which translates to “The Light that Can Be Heard”. Acrylic paint, ink, powdered pigments and resin make up this mixed media painting. Powdered pigments give the illusion the lights dance across the sky like moving sand.

24"x48", painted 2" edges, wire backing and ready to hang.

The Rainbow: A Collaboration Between Sun and Water 36"x48"

"The Rainbow: A Collaboration Between Sun and Water" explores spacial suspension, color and depth. This is a mixed media painting on canvas with layers of resin between paint. Significant depth is achieved by layering resin, and the final finish is high-gloss. Bits of gold leaf are mixed in the paint as well for added texture. 

36"x48" mixed media on canvas. 2018.

 Messier 15, 48”x48”, layers of acrylic, resin, powder pigments, and ink. Completed in 2018.

Messier 15, 48”x48”, layers of acrylic, resin, powder pigments, and ink. Completed in 2018.