Current Series: Alchemy (2017)

We all posses something that brings us eternal youth. For me, painting is my Elixir of Life. I know this when I've been away from my studio for too long. I think we must protect our personal brand of eternal youth, and keep it sharp like a knife. You never know when you'll need to carve out a new reality that shows the world your labor of love. 

This series explores emotions, vibrations, and light in an Expressionistic approach. I consider this series to be that of Alchemy; created as an expressive process that has changed my work in a new and inspiring way. This series captures the expression of fleeting light and tranquility of mind and space. This series layers processes that combine pointillism and abstract expressionism, in a dream-like manner. Inspired by Chagall, Miro and Kandinsky, Alchemy is meant to capture the the mystery of the non-physical while uplifting the viewer with it's warm palette. 

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To see my work in person check out the following galleries (September 2017):

Upcoming Art Fairs I'll be showing at:

  • August 26 - Rochester Pride Parade, Rochester, NH
  • October 6 - Portland First Friday, Portland, ME (usually in front of Portland Museum of Art
  • October 14 - Unveiling of public art installation at Settlers Green
  • November 5 - 1pm Artist Talk - Eastern Slope Inn