Current Series: Seeing Space (2017)

This series explores elements of suspension, space and color. I explore realms of the Cosmos taking into account our human eyes. What other colors exist in outer space (or even here on Earth), which our eyes cannot see? I explore a different view of outer space, which continues to lead me to more possibilities. 

This series was created in an Expressionistic approach, painted horizontally on the floor where I rarely use paintbrushes. Paintings capture the expression of fleeting light and tranquility of mind and space. Combining layers of pointillism and abstract expressionism, Seeing Space is meant to capture the the mystery of the non-physical while uplifting the viewer with it's warm palette. By grounding the viewer in outer space, I aim to bring people together by showing the viewer the smallness of the Human Race, and the sanctity of our planet.

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February 3-4 2018 - Parallax Art Fair, Kensington Hall, London, UK


Saturday and Sunday, February 3&4, 2018.

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Parallax Art Fair located at Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street (just off Kensington High Street), London, W8 7NX

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