Colors in Space
Paintings by Kristen Pobatschnig

Femme Fotos

Femme Fatales of the North: Artist duo Rebecca Klementovich and Kristen Pobatschnig strive to amplify the presence of Contemporary Art in the North Country of New Hampshire. By partnering Contemporary Art with the beauty of the White Mountains, Femme Fatales of the North hopes to encourage more New Hampshirites to explore abstract art as they would the outdoors.

The Femme Fatales Make a Splash on Conway Lake

As part of the Femme Fatale's project to incorporate the Environment with our Art, the Fatales headed to Conway Lake to absorb some rejuvenating water energy. First we were painting with the landscape, as you see on the canoe and dock, then something gave us the great idea to paint IN the landscape. It was a surreal experience. Floating on the is so similar to painting; you need to engage your muscles (or in this case the mind), but you also must relax. It put our paintings into a new light and gave us new exciting ideas to incorporate within our art. Of course, it was also a lot of fun!

It was a beautiful day, and warmth and peacefulness seemed to wash away the stresses of the summertime bustle in a busy tourist town. For me, I can never hold onto summer long enough; New Hampshire has a climate where winter reigns for eight solid months. We seem spoiled in this paradise, as if it were making up for lost time amidst the heavy, intense winters.

 Photos by Orion Kugel

Photos by Orion Kugel