Painting with Snow

When the temperature hits the 30’s in winter, it is cause for celebration in the North Country. What better backdrop for art than fields of virgin snow? New England is cold in winter, with no shortage of snow. On occasion the weather is somewhat bearable to work outside. This experience of painting outside has laid groundwork for ideas of future art shows in the woods in winter. We are in the process of locating a spot that is accessible for the public to snowshoe or hike to in winter, to further combine the Art and Outdoor experience in New Hampshire.

Femme Fatales of the North: Artist duo Rebecca Klementovich and Kristen Pobatschnig strive to amplify the presence of Contemporary Art in the North Country of New Hampshire. By partnering Contemporary Art with the beauty of the White Mountains, Femme Fatales of the North hopes to encourage more New Hampshirites to explore abstract art as they would the outdoors.