Abstract Art, Snow & Ski

This February 11th in Jackson New Hampshire, abstract painters Rebecca Klementovich and Kristen Pobatschnig will bring a one-day painting exhibit to the Nordic trails of the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation. These two artists are redefining art shows and re-thinking traditional gallery spaces by incorporating the outdoors with their paintings. Instead of a white-walled gallery, artwork will be placed amongst the white snow, hemlocks and birches. Each viewer will ski or snowshoe to see each painting. It will be an experience to remember that combines art with nature.

The Mount Washington Valley of northern New Hampshire is not traditionally associated with avant garde abstract work. Klementovich and Pobatsching are changing that. They are a painting duo who present themselves and their art under the moniker of The Femme Fatales of the North. One of their goals is to bring more attention to female painters, especially those who are doing abstract work.

The artists are developing a new language by using radical color palettes to represent local places, landmarks and weather in New England. Many of the canvasses are abstract non-representational, ranging in size with high contrast colors to express abstract landscapes in the area. This new visual language will be in conversation with nature.        

The art scene in Jackson, New Hampshire is emerging as a small gem with four galleries and one museum. With approximately nine hundred residents, the village of Jackson is also home to internationally known cross country skiing facility, Jackson Ski Touring Foundation. The Jackson waterfalls, the red covered bridge, the Great Gatsby-esque Wentworth Inn, and the Nordic skiing center are genuine manifestations of the New England spirit. The Femme Fatales are adding a new element to this New England authenticity, abstract art, to be experienced in a radically different setting. To learn more go to http://jacksonxc.org/


Live Painting & Dancing at the Omni Mt Washington

The Femme Fatales of the North were accompanied by two modern dancers, Tori and Grace, who improved their way through about a half hour of dancing to Chopin, while we painted them in action. This took place outdoors at the foot of Mount Washington at the Omni Mount Washington Resort. It was a beautiful experience of being connected to dancers, another artist, music, and the audience. As a former modern dancer, there is no better source of inspiration for me than Dance. It was an experience I will never forget.

photos by Orion Kugel

photos by Orion Kugel

The Femme Fatales Make a Splash on Conway Lake

As part of the Femme Fatale's project to incorporate the Environment with our Art, the Fatales headed to Conway Lake to absorb some rejuvenating water energy. First we were painting with the landscape, as you see on the canoe and dock, then something gave us the great idea to paint IN the landscape. It was a surreal experience. Floating on the is so similar to painting; you need to engage your muscles (or in this case the mind), but you also must relax. It put our paintings into a new light and gave us new exciting ideas to incorporate within our art. Of course, it was also a lot of fun!

It was a beautiful day, and warmth and peacefulness seemed to wash away the stresses of the summertime bustle in a busy tourist town. For me, I can never hold onto summer long enough; New Hampshire has a climate where winter reigns for eight solid months. We seem spoiled in this paradise, as if it were making up for lost time amidst the heavy, intense winters.

Photos by Orion Kugel

Photos by Orion Kugel

Attaining the Heights of the Mystical

While atop Mount Washington (6,288ft), the ecstatic wind rushes through you in all directions, the rocks are a reminder of the worthwhile struggle, and the mountain whispers ancient secrets. Inspiration comes in all forms, and sometimes you have to search in high places. We are blessed to capture inspiration at each mountaintop, and to learn and grow as inspired artists.

Photos by Orion Kugel

Painting with Snow

When the temperature hits the 30’s in winter, it is cause for celebration in the North Country. What better backdrop for art than fields of virgin snow? New England is cold in winter, with no shortage of snow. On occasion the weather is somewhat bearable to work outside. This experience of painting outside has laid groundwork for ideas of future art shows in the woods in winter. We are in the process of locating a spot that is accessible for the public to snowshoe or hike to in winter, to further combine the Art and Outdoor experience in New Hampshire.

Femme Fatales of the North: Artist duo Rebecca Klementovich and Kristen Pobatschnig strive to amplify the presence of Contemporary Art in the North Country of New Hampshire. By partnering Contemporary Art with the beauty of the White Mountains, Femme Fatales of the North hopes to encourage more New Hampshirites to explore abstract art as they would the outdoors.